Meet Samantha Marquez, she is 17 years old and has seven patents under her belt.    Marquez, a Latina teenager from Richmond, Virginia is the creator of a new technology that organizes cells in a new structure called the Celloidosome. The applications of her invention can range from tissue regeneration to the regeneration of whole organs like the liver or pancreas.

Marquez’s journey began when she was eleven years old working on a project for her 7th grade science class and found ways to improve upon a Harvard published research paper. Since then, Marquez has won many awards for her work.

The young scientist also spends her time advocating for more Hispanics and young women to go into the field of science.

HER ADVICE TO LATINAS LIKE YOU:  It’s really important to be proud of where you come from. When you remember where you come from, you’re able to share these experiences with others and able to inspire others in the future by what you’ve been able to do.

HER MOTTO: nadie te quita lo vivido. Nobody takes away from you what you have already lived. It doesn’t matter where you end up, knowledge is something you will always have.


To read an entire interview with Marquez visit:   NBC Latino

To learn more about Marquez visit her website at Samantha Marquez

Photo Source:  Samantha Marquez in the lab (Photo/courtesy Manuel Marquez)


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