Ana Teresa Fernández, is a Mexican artist who painted a U.S.-Mexico border fence sky blue to “erase” divisions among different countries.   “The idea behind ‘Erasing the Border’ is blur the border fence into the landscape giving the impression that a portion of it is missing, an illusion of a hole in the wall, where your imagination is able to cross between these two countries freely” she said.

Fernández, a 34-year old female visual-artist who was born in Mexico and is currently living in San Francisco.  She led about 30 volunteers for six hours in painting the Nogales border fence between Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora on Oct. 13.  She covered about 50 feet of the southern side of the 25-foot-high fence  with a paint closest to that of the sky color to give Mexicans a prettier view.


“I think people are ready for a change,” she said. “People along the border felt ready to be seen as a rich and important country and culture, and felt fed up with being viewed so negatively in the media.”

She views her project Erasing The Border  as part of her societal role as an artist, to question what people take as “givens.”  She hopes the project will raise awareness of migrant rights and human rights internationally.  “For me the border, the border wall, is like a tombstone,” she explained.

To learn more about the artist and her project visit Borrando La Frontera

Photo Sources: Photos belong to the artist

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