HiChica™ was born out of my love for helping others.  Nothing brings me more joy than being able to help others in need and who better to help than my Latina sisters.  The purpose of HiChica is to help other Latinas find the support and opportunities that might not otherwise be available to them.  As the daughter of Mexican immigrants growing up In the rural low income community of Greenfield, CA , I know the obstacles that one must overcome for a chance at a better life.    It takes a lot of sweat, tears and sacrifice, because nothing is handed to you when you are born poor, especially a poor woman of color.  I was fortunate that my parents at a very early age emphasized the importance of hard work but also believed in me and that I was worthy of a better life. My parents may not have been able to provide me with much but their confidence in my abilities was enough to get me through the tough times.

The purpose of HiChica, is to offer support to other Latinas who may not have the support they need or find themselves in a situation where they see no way out.  I firmly believe, that despite all of the obstacles that low-income Latinas have to overcome, we can do it with the right opportunities,  perspective, resources, knowledge and inspiration.  You just have to find that drive and work really hard to make opportunities for yourself.

My hope is that we can create a community of Latinas to not only help each other out but to also encourage each other, especially during the hard times.  My dream is that HiChica will help other low income Latinas bridge the gap that exists, so that they too can have the same opportunities and options others have available to them.  It’s time we even out the playing field.