Are you interested in learning another language? If you want to learn a second language, the good news is that you can do it for Free. has compiled a list of 10 different websites that offer you the opportunity to learn another language for Free.


Babbel is extremely friendly for mobile users, and it provides a very practical benefit by including teaching methods that allow consumers to begin learning to speak the language right away.This feature is especially useful for those who want or need to apply their new language abilities in practical situations.

2. BestEssay.

EducationNot every free language education website is intended to meet the needs of those who have absolutely no familiarity with a particular language.Some websites, like, are a great resource for college students whose native language is not English. serves students who are bright and talented, and who have established a significant mastery of the English language but need some additional polish on their writing assignments.

3. Busuu.comBusuu is a social learning website where users register, select a language that they wish to learn, and then begin their lessons.People who use Busuu can interact and socialize with one another and native speakers as a way to practice and test out the skills that they have picked up. This is a good option for those who learn best via social experience.

4. Livemocha.comThis is another free language learning website that leverages social interaction as a means to help people learn languages for free. If you join, you can take language lessons, have conversations with native speakers, and get great information from the many blog posts published to this website.

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